Market Research and Analysis

Research and analysis are two different words with different meanings but inextricably linked activities. Research is a fact based finding of what is going on out there and often includes significant amount of numeric data. Analysis is the use of the data and the facts collected through the process of research, and inferring meaning, identifying patterns and realizing consequences. CRR is perfectly able to provide specialized market research and analysis services to our clients several folds when we apply our hard won experience to complete the tasks.

With the diverse portfolio of services provided CRR aids decision makers at the strategic positions of the organizations to make strategic decision at right time with the right kind of information at their disposal. So whether you wish to launch a new product, extend an established brand, plan market diversification or simply assess a current situation or trend, CRR will provide the solutions with a deep research for a valuable insight and expert analysis on the ongoing trends.

Market research and analysis service portfolio

CRR’s tailored, market research and analysis service provides you with business to business market information and market intelligence needed to increase profits and maximize customer focus and value. Our B2B research and analysis help organizations understand the

  • Current market situation
  • Define and segment targeted market profiles
  • Market opportunities
  • Industry forecasts
  • Market potential
  • Competitive review to gain competitive intelligence
  • Assess customer’s changing attitudes
  • Market size
  • Attractiveness of the market
  • Identify decision makers and company’s key products/services
  • Determine the viability of patents, trademarks and copyrights
  • Determining brand loyalty
  • Channel research
  • New product development
  • Pricing research
  • Image and brand awareness research
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Usage and customer attitude
  • New market opportunities

The expert team approach

Each research project is carried out by a unique combination of team which is composed according to the needs of the clients and the types of the results they seek to achieve. Lead by dedicated project manager and project director each of the team has a best combination of languages, research skills and industry expertise highly experienced in anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting enforcement. First on with team we head for a one to one meeting with the client to understand the needs of the clients business, markets, services and challenges and in a sophisticated way collect data to form a solid base of fact based information for further research and analysis phase.

Marketing Research and Analysis Techniques

Everyone does market research, but with widely varying effectiveness. Various methods have been employed traditionally. Market research and analysis techniques by experts at CRR are , time-tested, market-based, fundamental analytic approach

  • Qualitative research – an unstructured, in-depth review and analysis, without statistics involved
  • Quantitative research – a structured form of research involving statistical data that measues responses to predefined questions
  • Hybrid approach – the most widely used approach involving both qualitative and quantitative research methods. It is often combined with additional services such as secondary research, competitor analysis, lead generation and consultancy

The information collection options provided by CRR are :

  • “Desk based” or “Secondary” research – this is the kind of information which is readily available from public domains and is easiest to collect, but one must know where to look for what type of information and how to collaborate and collect all the links of information.
  • Primary research – used to collect data that is not available through secondary research methods. The techniques used for primary research are
  1. On line e- Surveys
  2. Telephone interviews – structured or unstructured conversations
  3. Face to face meetings – more expensive and more time consuming but often the most productive
  4. Focus Groups