Strategy Consulting and Research Services

In volatile global environments strong leadership, efficient growth, innovation and agility are critical success factors. CRR helps the top management with assessment of the possibilities to select the strongest capable of delivering value and achieving the long term goals. CRR consulting services save time by connecting you directly with our though leadership which results in a forward looking efficient strategy built on customized independent research. To help you make a stand in a customer driven economy CRR provides primary research and a wealth of data for analysis through surveys and market forecasts internationally. The results produced are used to design effective marketing and better operational decisions in business.

In times of economic uncertainty, keeping the cost to a minimum possible levels are of paramount importance. In CRR experience you will be getting not only the strategic cost cutting solution but will also lead to operating and structural advantages.

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The certified consultants at CRR bring research based deep understanding and knowledge of your business, technology used, markets captured and the imposed challenges. Our analysts work closely with you to apply their proven expertise to your ever shifting priorities. CRR is uniquely qualified to help organizations optimize their portfolios in the pursuit of growth and, ultimately, high performance through various fields including:

  • Merger, acquisition, divestiture and alliance strategy planning services
  • Operating model strategy planning services

Help organizations to design performance driven operating models aligns strategically with sound business models, which ultimately lead to creating compelling reasons for customers to choose organization’s products and services. Analysis, assessment and evaluations are performed for operating model change and its ensuring its success.

  • Sales and marketing strategy planning services
  • Growth strategy planning services
    • Introducing new products and services
    • Entering new customer segments
    • Expanding into new geographies
  • Strategic planning services
    • Market analysis
    • Scenario analysis
    • Opportunity identification
    • Internal analysis
    • Strategy formulation
    • Organizational alignment
    • Financial modeling


  • Corporate reputation research – to collect data on business value in the mind of customers and the potential impact on raising capital, impact on the potential employees.
  • Capital markets research –
    • Strategy implementation, evaluation, capital allocation policies and implications of new policies
    • Market intelligence
    • Investor and analyst insight
    • Equity valuation
    • Market evaluation
    • Shareholder evaluation
    • Market scan and growth options
  • Research on public affairs
  • Political Risk, Intelligence & Analysis
  • Employee Engagement & Change Communications
  • Customer insight
  • Marketing & Communications Performance Measurement
  • Product pricing and configuration analysis
  • Creating & Assessing a CRM Road Map
  • Thought Leadership & Market Credibility
  • Demand/Lead Generation & Management