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The risks inherent in today’s business transactions – including mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, joint ventures, private equity, venture capital, and other investments – are greater than ever. Understanding the importance of Real-time, comprehensive and crucial information for making value added business decision is critical aspect of a business. CRR, with its world-wide presence, spans it’s; in-depth & insightful, associated risk evaluation and investigative due diligence services about any transaction or investment opportunity, involving individuals or business entities. CRR leverages the most comprehensive set of databases, performs deepest analysis of public records, uncovering potential vulnerabilities, with a certain standard of care.

Comprehensive and targeted Investigative due diligence report preparation

While ensuring transparency, team at CRR develops comprehensive and targeted due diligence reports about; prospective clients, owners, vendors, employees, competitors, partners, distributors, mergers and acquisitions, by; performing background checks, utilizing Public data sources, Legal Histories, Company’s financial & management information, and Global listings.

CRR’s scope of Investigative due diligence activities

CRR’s scope of Investigative due diligence and risk evaluation covers information about;

  • Financial & operational history (ownership, performance, Credit history, business trends, customers, affiliations, Financial management and system problems)
  • Legal affairs (Loans, tax claims, legal disputes, legal violations or crimes, Misrepresentations or non-disclosure of material facts,
  • Hidden Liabilities (Financial Obligations, Capital investments, market credibility, Unpaid settlements, Contractual disputes, Unrecorded or understated liabilities)
  • Professional eminence (Individual or Organization, International, Credibility, Conduct / Public Image, Distinguishing Qualities, Ethical Issues)
  • Business Interests (Business ventures, Partners, Strategic Alliances, Joint ventures, Mergers and acquisitions, stakeholders)
  • Unrealistic projections or overstated assets
  • Business Process Audits (Significant managerial or business issues, independent business valuations, Marketing audit, Production audit, Management Audit, Information system audit, Reconciliation audit, Macro-environment audit, Compatibility Audit)

The end result of these entire comprehensive due diligence activities concerning any issue enables the client to manage the acknowledged risk by streamlining the decisions according to the reported findings.

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