Intellectual Property Advisory

Scope of the services provided

The primary scope of our CRR Intellectual Property theft research is the Identification of fraudulent factors breaching and infringement of IP rights of organizations. Expert and commercial advice is provided across a wide range of industries maximizing their value. Our skill set covers a wide range of IP rights across industries, including:

  • Intellectual Property Transactions
    • Licensing and Counseling
    • E-Commerce and Data Privacy
    • Content Protection and Digital Rights Management
  • Patents and trade secrets
  • Counterfeit & Pirated Products
  • Threats to Brand Integrity & Reputation
  • Brand Imitation & Product Copying
  • Cyber Surveillance
  • Copyright & Patent infringement
  • Detection of Trademark Infringement

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Tehseen Chauhdry
For questions about our services, you are in good hands with Tehseen Chauhdry. You can contact him via email: