Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud has become a global issue as it is costing organizations and their economy billions of dollars on yearly basis. Insurance frauds not only hurt the insurance companies which lose money paying out money to fraudsters on false claims, they also bring harm to the people who buy insurance. The list of harm bearers can also include government agencies if and when there is some public resource involved. As the risk management systems become weak the fraud triggers become robust.

CRR is an expert in the field when it comes to investigating various types of fraud and fraudulent activity. Our team at Special Investigations Unit(SIU), with an extensive pool of resources, are trained to spot suspicious behavior claiming benefits fraudulently investigating insurance claims through insurance carriers, self-insured corporations, third-party administrators and insurance defense law firms. Our clients are kept informed about the status of investigation. We investigate to collect the right kind of evidence that can be presented in court of law to help answer the queries.

CRR has developed close consultations with law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies, growing its vision to defeat fraud have become ever more achievable. Our few services are following but not limited to these services:

  • Injury claims, theft & property loss
  • Burglary and fire
  • Income protection and life claims
  • Investigations into staged accidents
  • Witness statements
  • Background investigations
  • Disability claims
  • Medical audits and clinic investigations (medical fraud investigations)
  • Property claims
  • Death verifications
  • General liability
  • Travel Claims
  • Accident investigations
  • Recovery claims
  • Factual claims investigations
  • Claims that are suspected to be fake

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