Business intelligence

Empowering decision makers with; the fact based, resilient, actionable and analysis ready information

For an integrated, up-to-date and 360 degree view of an organization’s Internal and External Operational Environment, effective Business Intelligence is the solution. Empowering decision makers with; the fact based, timely and actionable information, for making meaningful business decisions, CRR , with its multinational presence, has proven track record and history of providing Innovative & bespoke enterprise-class analysis and reporting services for a much broader audience. With the help of Educated, Well Trained and Efficient intelligence resources raw data collected from multiple sources is converted into analysis ready information solution which is flexible & swift to deploy in multiple operational systems, is easy to use, ensures compliance and is reasonably priced.

No big data can ever mirror a human brain, Let CRR be that think tank for you

Today all the cadres of the business need to position their organizations to harness the different technologies which can support the strategic objectives of the organization. For this reason they must clearly know what big reservoirs of data can do; how it must be treated and what skills and tools they need to achieve their long term goals, because it doesn’t matter how much data you have or how frequently you’re getting it, if it’s not aligned to the client’s business needs , it’s useless. CRR with its resilient business intelligence solution plays its part in answering all these questions, because no big data can ever mirror a human brain, so every business entity needs human skills and expertise to reach its strategic goals.

CRR’s 360 view of business intelligence operations

More knowledge means better business decisions, and better decisions depend on sophisticated information collected from potential or existing marketplace, industry, and partners. For long term competitive advantage and market stability effective strategies are the key. Whatever your business is heading to do for, internally (Finance, Human resource, Marketing, Sales) or externally (Mergers, Acquisitions, Business unit sales, competitive analysis on a business contender) CRR can provide you with market competitive investigative research. This well structured information can help.

  • Financial advisors suggest better use of the business money from where to plough and where to sow it
  • Human Resource specialists; to harvest the best pool of human resources bridging the skills gap, picking up the great fits from the market by positioning the research in specific areas; from where to get them and how to get them.
  • Marketers; to earn the customer’s interest and the dollars involved, exploiting the vast potential of market data to better listen to customers and strengthen relationships.

Business Intelligence System at CRR

CRR focuses on Business Intelligence comprising of an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) system supported with a range of reporting tools. Information from existing corporate data sources is extracted, transformed and then loaded into a data warehouse which is then analyzed and pulled into various reporting systems. Meaningful and valuable data is analyzed for providing reporting purposes untying the outdated and useless information from the data reservoirs. Business Intelligence Analysts at CRR use proven methods to assess business growth potential such as:

  • Reporting
  • Business performance management
  • Data mining
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP)
  • Process mining
  • Complex event processing
  • Benchmarking
  • Text mining
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics