Education Research Services

Preparing students for a successful future means an economically stable country and for that reason ensuring that students are ready to take that burden on their shoulders, competitive educational system is a necessity. The purpose of Educational Research is to equip educators, policy makers and public, with clear, unbiased, and policy focused research which would help them to make informed and affirmative decisions regarding improvement of the quality of education across the board from elementary level to adult education alike. Devising workforce development programs and innovative data tools, like tools for measuring and improving literacy and numeracy—to strengthen education systems in developing countries, is also included in our Education research service portfolio. To reach the desired goals our researchers build networks with federal government, states, school districts, and foundations. Our key success areas in this research fields are clear and concise data representation, developing innovative ideas for a better usage of technology, practical recommendations, and providing unmatched client services.

Elementary and Secondary Education Research

Education researchers at CRR have rich expertise in:

  • Assessing achievement gaps,
  • Assessing college and career readiness,
  • Analyzing student transcripts and course taking patterns,
  • Measuring graduation and dropout trends,
  • Developing useful web tools,
  • And helping educators understand and use data to improve schools.

Postsecondary Education

Taking steps towards the success of students in postsecondary education our researchers examine issues related to:

  • College access, progress, and degree completion;
  • Financial aid,
  • Student debt, and college affordability;
  • And understanding the student pathways through science, mathematics, technology, and engineering (stem) fields.

Adult Education

For adults with low literacy skills, our researchers strive to strengthen and expand access to adult education, training and employment. We conduct research, advance best practices, and develop and disseminate resources. Our services include:

  • Providing Professional and technical assistance materials on web
  • Developing web based tools and research reports
  • Developing Policy and How-To guides

The process involved

Our exceptional educational research service includes:

  • Data collection, management, and analysis
  • State longitudinal data systems
  • Education policy analysis and development
  • Education program Evaluation
  • Education web design and technology tools
  • Education training and technical assistance
  • Education materials development and dissemination