Economic and Social Policy Research

Let us help you to create an environment of change

CRR’s Social and Economic Policy service works to help develop strong, informed policies and the right environment for change. To deal with a wide range of issues in economic and social policies, independent and objective insights are a necessity. The multidisciplinary expert research team at CRR is well equipped with experiences in dealing with economic, demographic, health, education, urban planning, and public financing issues in our society. CRR exists to provide, government, semi-government and non-governmental institutions, with objective, reliable, relevant and timely social research while supporting the development, implementation, review and evaluation of policy and its delivery. We at CRR provide evidence to understand, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate government policies and services to improve public policy communication and advance economic and social development decision making. CRR is about ensuring that government and frontline decisions are built on an understanding, of and engagement with, the entities affected by that decision as well as an understanding of the wider social consequences.
Our research in this cadre is focused on:

  • Building an un-yielding and self sustained base of research
  • Thoroughly supporting and communicating the research findings of immediate policy concerns
  • Investigating how to increase the legitimacy and accountability of public authorities in the areas of governance, security, and justice.
  • Supporting inclusive growth while determining how economic growth can increase opportunities for the poor and marginalized and reduce inequality.
  • Think tank initiative aiming to strengthen independent policy research
  • Evaluation of policies and interventions
  • Providing in-depth data and objective analysis on what people and organizations think, how they behave and why they may not be responding to initiatives as planned.