About us

CRR (Corporate risk and Resources) Pvt. Limited has its headquarters based in Islamabad, Pakistan. CRR sets the industry standards for personalized and highly skilled assessment, planning and intelligence analysis at every level throughout the enterprise. In ever changing complex business scenarios our numerous client relationships have endured through several turbulent business and economic cycles, and our ability to consistently deliver results bring us new engagements from our existing clients. We cannot deny the fact that every business entity faces an act of crime either committed by internal or external stakeholders. Our vigilant investigative and security experts keep a close track of client’s business safeguarding it against corporate risks involved.

CRR provides its, world leading, multinational corporations and governmental agencies with investigative, forensic accounting, business due diligence and employee background screening services, which deliver the intelligence and insight needed, to reduce the threat and impact coupled with doing business.

The best way to minimize risk is to avert it, and that is only possible through best planning practices for crisis responsiveness. Our practical, immediate and sustainable solutions help to make effective decisions about prospect stakeholders, new or improved investment portfolios, data management and crisis handling & management. For a precise strategic direction our qualified professionals provide instant, personalized, widespread & tactful support in exposing, documenting and rectifying some of the most crucial issues. To minimize the risk of a bad business decision or unforeseen events our dedicated teams provide thorough, discreet & concise facts and actionable evidence, about those external coalitions who wish to associate with your business, thus protecting the longer term corporate value and reputation in the marketplace. CRR’s compliance and investigative capabilities are incomparable in taking a holistic approach and collaborate with business decision-makers at every level to ensure seamless planning, communication and execution for optimal risk management.

CRR’s vision is to become a global leader in providing comprehensive tailor made corporate investigative due diligence and market intelligence services to its clients worldwide.

Our mission is to innovate and provide world’s most successful corporate analysis and Market Research services helping business world to achieve its goals and lead their industries without any inveterate losses. In doing so provide our clients with professional examination, Intelligence and investigative services with our core principal being; heightened level of trust, operating with Honor, Reliability and Integrity thus ensuring success in operational outcomes.


  1. Safeguard clients interests and integrity by providing real-time solutions
  2. Identification and prevention of potential problems before they occur.
  3. Deliver continuous sustainable business Health, Safety, Security and Operational excellence   through; instilling strong commitment and efficiency in extensive fact finding, thus minimizing the potential risks of corporate fraud/abuse, financial mismanagement and corruption, violations of code of conduct, third party fraud or abuses or whistleblower complaints.


We at CRR are committed to provide services with honesty and integrity, with highest levels of industry distinction. Ethical standards are the heart and soul of our operations worldwide. Our code of conduct ensures compliance with national and international laws and conventions, with time-honored principles for; how to deal with our stakeholders.  Our commitment to Innovation, consistent Quality and Well-built customer focus are none to be ignored. With customized solutions, we cater the most critical needs of our clients with best of the resources available, and provide support through the last mile of execution in an apt, useful and cost effective manner. We believe in developing long term beneficial relationships, vital for ensuring success, with our stakeholders by being sincere, open, fair, and upright in all actions and associations. With successful efforts to avoid conflicts of interest and to foster a healthy, safe and productive work atmosphere, we strive to create an environment of mutual trust, respect, support and collaboration at all levels among CRR employees. To protect the company’s corporate assets we strive to meet the defined goals and objectives by disclosing appropriate, precise and truthful information to our stakeholders, while maintaining accountability at all levels.